Telekom wanted to develop an online solution for their customer magazine, which was to be made available to around 5 million customers, on a regular basis. The solution was to be optimised for cross-platform and in a cost-efficient manner.

TELEKOM_LIFE is the Lifestyle world from Telekom, it is published quarterly, with regular additional updates containing editorially engaging content. A variety of topics are covered in the magazine: celebrities, lifestyle, technology, music, hobbies and fun. Whether in interviews, attractive competitions, reports, information on Telekom services or the latest apps, customers can experience the best of the Telekom world, with plenty of opportunities for engagement. The digital publishing platform, developed by bubblebridge, provides a modern solution to support content driven. ongoing customer loyalty and lead generation activities.



As a longstanding partner of the corporate publisher, Journal International, bubblebridge is responsible for the technical design, implementation and maintenance of this digital magazine solution. In addition to a browser version based on the latest HTML 5 technology, the magazine is of course also optimised for tablets and smartphones. By developing a user-friendly content-management-system (CMS), various editions can be regularly and cost efficiently created, updated and published. By enabling a variety of interactive elements such as slideshows, videos, animations, contests and quizzes, the user experience and interaction can be constantly improved.

“Our close and long-standing partnership with bubblebridge has provided us with the technical expertise to really transform our client’s customer magazines into real-life, interactive experiences. The custom built content management system enables us to independently and cost efficiently manage our magazines ourselves. bubblebridge provides really valuable input, always helping us to stay one step ahead. We love the way bubblebridge handle our projects in a highly professional and flexible manner - and we are all very proud of the results.”

Marcel Schroeter
Head of Digital
Journal International