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We, at bubblebridge, look back on many years of partner communication experience. In fact, this is an area many of us worked in long before bubblebridge even existed. From the development of partner programs to the creation of (co-)marketing material and campaigns, we have a wealth of learnings and ideas which we can also make work for you. Communicating clearly and consistently both to and through your partners, is the key to tapping the full potential of this indirect sales channel.

Sometimes, reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey. At other times, it is allowing another to take yours.
Vera Nazarian

Enablement of your partners is the basis of all successful channel marketing activities. We offer a wide range of support tools and strategies, to guarantee that your partners are able to successfully position and sell your products or services within their market. For example, we develop custom trainings and workshops to help your partners truly understand your business, your products, or even new marketing tactics. We help you ensure that your partners are always up-to-date on new features, products or services. The creation of loyalty programmes, regular communications (e.g. newsletters, partner hubs, landing pages), and supporting materials (e.g. interactive product descriptions, datasheets, product videos) are examples of measures which we could implement to support your partner communication strategy.

Not only the communication to your partners, but also the communication through your partners, is essential to expanding your position on the market. Ultimately, they are your window to the end customer. By providing your partners with the right tool set and by actively supporting their marketing activities, you are also directly facilitating your own market growth. Whether you want to create business partner templates, partner specific marketing material or implement co-marketing campaigns, we have the experience and ideas to make it happen.

Our digital marketing and social selling workshops will help to enable your partner to sell your product and services successfully in today’s markets.

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