Holistic approach

Navigance, a subsidiary of Clariant headquartered in Munich, uses a unique mix of chemical process, catalyst competence and data modelling know-how for creating customer-specific process models. Navigance combines process data with machine learning and advanced data analysis technologies to help maximise the availability of chemicals plants and optimise process efficiency. We would say Chemical Processes 4.0.

Navigance was looking for a full-service agency with profound technical understanding and expertise in inbound marketing to market the product worldwide. The agency profile also included the portfolio which the future agency should provide. The prerequisites included the onboarding and migration process in HubSpot as well as holistic marketing support online, as well as offline.

As an agency with international experience and a HubSpot platinum partner, we were able to score with ample experience and expertise in these areas. Finally, bubblebridge was selected.

navigance portfolio1

HubSpot onboarding and MS Dynamics migration

At the outset of the onboarding process with Navigance, strategy workshops were due in order to gain deep understanding of the company’s technology and market, to define objectives jointly and to develop positioning and personas.

With the Navigance core team, we compiled an inbound strategy and started to analyse the existing structures. At this point in time, Microsoft Dynamics was the leading CRM system. There was a need for accessibility via API/export, but HubSpot was planned as the leading system to restore accounting data to Dynamics.

Whilst the technical HubSpot setup was still being concluded, our onboarding team concentrated on the strategy, management and implementation of processes, prepared project plans and schedules as well as quick win campaigns attuned to the needs of Navigance.

While finalising the strategy, discussions regarding sales processes, content and conversion paths took place and contacts were imported from Dynamics. After elaboration of e-mail templates and automated workflows, the sales and marketing team was trained by us to use HubSpot optimally. Today, the entire Navigance team works successfully in HubSpot, lifting business to a new level every day.

navigance portfolio2

CI, website and blog

The website and CI are central points for a brand’s appearance. Therefore, we first compiled a CI guideline for a uniform appearance of Navigance – from imagery to typography and to coherent tone of address in all media.

 In order to utilise the full potential of HubSpot as much as possible - both with regard to user experience and to generating leads - we designed a corresponding website and blog for Navigance with close content-related and structural coordination and implemented it in the HubSpot CMS.


Continuous lead generation measures

Marketing isn’t a sprint, but a marathon. The constantly transforming world provides new opportunities and challenges.

In regular workshops and jours fixes, we consider ourselves a sparring partner and we exchange ideas with Navigance regarding innovations in the sector and within the company, as well as ideas related to new HubSpot features.

We develop campaigns, optimise the website and blog continuously and always adapt the comprehensive strategy to the latest developments.


Customer feedback

“We have been working with Amy, Thomas, Joschi and Darren from bubblebridge on establishing a marketing strategy, a HubSpot system and content for six months. Workshops and close-knit interaction have helped them understand us and our market. They are excellent coaches and sparring partners for the compilation and implementation of our marketing strategy. The migration of our website and CRM to HubSpot ran smoothly. They support the preparation of content and design, in a creative and structured manner. Moreover, on a personal level the relationship is always very harmonious and trustful. If you are looking for an agency which is both competent with regard to HubSpot and to strategic matters and is prepared to go that extra mile to adhere to its promises or realise last-minute wishes, then bubblebridge is the right partner for you."