Reimagining the marketing possibilities

In a world of data overflow, disruption and misuse, picking up the right “signal from noise” is key to win. GfK is a global market insights brand with more than 85 years of experience combining data and science to help businesses in all sectors to confidently make key business decisions which drive sales, organizational and marketing effectiveness.   

As GfK looked to build out its own global marketing efforts, it turned to bubblebridge to consult, define, and implement marketing processes within its HubSpot Enterprise account, from complete marketing automation to global and regional campaigns to highly targeted account-based marketing. 

GfK portfolio

Website to attract new clients

Over the years, GfK has grown its business, markets, and suite of products substantially. The company wanted to reconceptualize how it promotes its products on both a global and local scale with a complete revamp of its website. bubblebridge listened to the requirements, then developed a strategy and the design for a new multi-language site. The design and content on the website were built to be dynamic, smart and user centric. The team at bubblebridge worked at record speed to get the new site live, as well as migrated the vast amount of content to the new HubSpot CMS without a hitch.  

bubblebridge didn’t only deliver a shiny new website – it also worked with GfK to automate all processes in the backend by building out its marketing automation flows. 

GfK portfolio2

Marketing automation to deliver the right leads to the right people at the right time

Automating processes and lead flows can quickly become complex and messy. bubblebridge developed a strategic framework to ensure that leads are prioritized and scored appropriately, that lead data flows seamlessly between HubSpot and Salesforce, GfK’s CRM, and that data is continuously analyzed, optimized, and managed effectively. bubblebridge worked together with GfK to ensure that all internal stakeholders were informed and trained on the new setup. Once all stakeholders were on board with the new approach, bubblebridge implemented the new framework and continues to support and optimize processes as needed, ensuring that leads are managed, nurtured, and distributed to sales at the right time in order to speed up the sales process and reduce manual processes.  

GfK portfolio3

Campaigns that drive results

With workflows to manage leads in place, GfK wanted to quickly develop global campaigns that would increase leads and ultimately sales. bubblebridge has consulted on several campaigns to map out touchpoints across the entire customer journey with the campaign. The bubblebridge team has then written the content, designed and implemented the corresponding assets (landing pages, social media, etc.), and built automated workflows to ensure that leads receive the right content at the right point in their journey with the campaign. Following campaign launches, bubblebridge has analyzed the campaign’s impact, adjusted when necessary, and built reporting dashboards for a transparent overview of the campaign’s effectiveness.  


Data-driven account-based marketing for ultimate personalization

GfK’s marketing database is vast, and as a data and insights driven company, GfK’s marketing team wanted to do more with its data. bubblebridge developed an account-based marketing approach to deliver completely customized content to key accounts using HubSpot’s smart content fields. The project is in pilot phase and will continue to roll out in the coming months. 


Letting the customers speak....

"bubblebridge is more than your average agency, the bubblebridge team is made of true experts that not only know “Digital” inside out but who can also navigate the complexity of a large corporation with a positive “can do” attitude. bubblebridge as our partner has played a very significant role in the implementation of our global digital strategy, including a complex integration between HubSpot and Salesforce. They have increased the value of using Hubspot for our company several folds! "

Philippe Fuchs, GfK