The beginning

apaleo was looking for a reliable and experienced advertising agency that could create CI guidelines and carry out website relaunches, and also integrate the HubSpot marketing tool. We chose bubblebridge because, as a full-service agency and HubSpot Gold partner, this meant we were able to holistically support apaleo.

In addition to the creation of CIs and the relaunch of the website, the main focus was on leveraging HubSpot's expertise in on-boarding the HubSpot Marketing module. Another priority was to design and integrate the landing page and e-mail templates for an improved customer experience by optimizing processes along the buyer journey. In addition, a new blog was set up in HubSpot and the existing blogs were migrated.

The beginning

Marketing activities

To give apaleo a new, fresh appearance and strengthen its brand position, the CI guidelines were initially defined and designed. As is customary, we chose new imagery, a color scheme matching the apaleo image, typography and many other details.

Building on this, we have designed and programmed a new, fresh website. Next, we on-boarded the HubSpot marketing tool by designing and implementing new landing pages and email templates. Apart from the redesign, the focus was on improving user experience in terms of making contact, scheduling appointments and subscribing to newsletters, to improve the data quality for existing or potential new leads.

A further task was to divide the current apaleo blog area, consisting of two different blogs, into three new target group-specific blogs, which were then set up in HubSpot. To achieve a uniform look and feel, we defined and programmed a design for the overview pages of the blogs and successfully migrated all existing blog posts. Each current and future contribution can now also be shared via social media channels and allows for subscribing to the newsletter.

The final result is impressive: a modern, crisp website with a connection to the most up-to-date technical conditions of marketing automation.

Marketing activities


“The collaboration with bubblebridge quickly became very rewarding. In addition to innovative ideas regarding our brand identity and the quick implementation of the website, bubblebridge also has the necessary know-how to ensure a smooth integration into HubSpot.”

Margaret Ady

CMO / Apaleo GmbH