The beginning

As the 3DSE lead agency, we were requested to further develop the concept around the annual "3DSE F&E Leitkonferenz" (newly established annual R&D conference). The objective was to increase the number of participants and further establish the event within the R&D and relevant journalist communities.

Focusing on these goals, bubblebridge planned to intensify the relationship with the relevant media and journalists, as well as developing a strong social and online marketing campaign. In addition, we put a strong focus on maximizing the impact of the content from the event itself, facilitating a content-rich post-event communication and ensuring a positive lead-up to the 2018 conference.

The beginning

Marketing Activities

Once the groundwork was established with the creation of a strong key visual and the event landing page (with registration possibilities and detailed tracking), a series of online and print assets were produced to facilitate a multi-level campaign.

Initially, a series of eDMs, a high-quality, eye-catching print invitation and e-mail signature banners, provided existing 3DSE contacts with the exclusive chance to secure places prior to the initiation of the external communication. The accompanying social media campaign (which marked the launch of the overall 3DSE social strategy), initiated the communication to the broader R&D community. These activities, combined with an online advertising campaign and focused PR activities, achieved the desired effect: the target number of registrants was achieved - and even exceeded.

To complete the setting, we ensured that 3DSE and Leitkonferenz brands were omnipresent within the BWM Welt conference environment - from interactive screen designs and signage, to high quality conference notebooks and a professionally designed presentation.

During the entire event, the film team recorded interviews with key speakers and captured the response of many participants. Together with a photography team, the atmosphere of the day was captured in a highly professional manner. This material was used to create a "Leitkonferenz" image film, which will undoubtedly be a key element in the promotion of the future events. With the interviews, the film, key take-aways and the images, we had a fundus of multimedia content to 'play' with. Step by step this material was published through the website, the social channels and also in a print "key-take away booklet", which was later sent to all the participants, thereby helping us to position 3DSE as an R&D thought leader long after the event was over.

Marketing Activities


The close cooperation between 3DSE and bubblebridge resulted in a highly successfully event, which once again proved to be very valuable for all participants both in relation to discovering trends in the digitalization of R&D as well as the networking opportunities across different industries.

“The concept and ideas developed by bubblebridge have been key in establishing 3DSE as a recognised thought leader in the German R&D world. The multi-channel approach has increased our visibility on the market. bubblebridge, as a long-term partner, supports us in ensuring that we extend our reach in the most efficient manner - always working towards the overarching objectives and not only focusing on individual tactics.”

Monika Hauser and Annica-Maria Brugger

Marketing Manager 3DSE