Versatile online format with high-quality, R&D-specific content for 3DSE Management Consultants GmbH

R&D Insights
Focused. Up-to-date. Forward-thinking.

Brief description
R&D Insights is a cutting-edge platform that offers a glimpse into the latest R&D topics and trends and provides readers with fresh ideas and incentives for their day-to-day work. The high-quality content is created by experienced consultants with a wide range of backgrounds. It is presented to the readers in a variety of multi-media formats adapted to the content, such as videos, podcasts and editorial articles. Registered users have access to an even greater amount of premium content.

Baseline situation
To position 3DSE as a thought leader in the R&D field, a digital platform was sought that supports continuous communication with existing customers and is appealing to potential customers. This thereby supported the acquisition of new customers. The customer magazine, which was successfully published in print for many years, would continue to be published in an innovative digital format to support all future marketing activities of the company.

Target groups


  • B2B customers of 3DSE Management Consultants GmbH
  • Potential new customers from the international R&D environment


  • Employees
  • Journalists/Media


Strategic concept, communication planning, designing and implementing a versatile online format to deliver high-quality content that supports all interactive elements. To achieve an even greater reach, the online version should be easy to convert into a print version if required.


Idea, strategy and implementation

A diverse, content-rich, interactive online platform for all R&D-related topics, which should become an important source of information for the industry.

As an interactive online platform, R&D Insights focuses on 3DSE's expertise and experience in various industrial sectors and makes it available in an up-to-date format. Some content is freely accessible, while others can only be viewed following personal registration. R&D Insights is intended to be a long-term platform and will be continually enriched with new topics and contributions.

In collaboration with 3DSE, bubblebridge defined the site's functionalities and then developed the design according to the 3DSE CI specifications. They were also in charge of programming the platform. In addition to implementing a registration area, this also ensured simple distribution via social media channels. The editorial articles can also be downloaded as PDF files and read offline. bubblebridge was also responsible for the graphic design.

Results/Measure success
After very positive internal and external feedback following the launch of the platform, particularly regarding the breadth of its content, the number of registrations rose rapidly. Regular readers include journalists from thematically relevant publications in the field of R&D.